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CrossFit Class From $9 per visit with 1 Week Crossfit passNo purchase required to enroll

C/S Barbell $20 per classPlans available from $100Purchase required to enroll

Open Gym $15 per classFrom $9 per visit with 1 Week Crossfit passNo purchase required to enroll

Saturday Community Class

Free Class to Existing Clients

Teen Class $25 per classPlans available from $120No purchase required to enroll

CrossFit C/S is offering Teens Only CrossFit! We will be teaching proper movement technique and assisting in creating a broad athletic foundation by combining gymnastics, body weight movements and weightlifting.

With CrossFit for Teens, we will promote a healthy lifestyle; achieve athletic performance goals and so much more, all while having as much fun as possible!!!

CrossFit C/S Teens will be offered for the ages 14-18. The classes will consist of a briefing of what is programed for the day, a warm-up, skill work, and a WOD. Following the WOD, there will be a post workout study session.

For any questions please contact:

Coach Leigh Barker



One-On-One $75 per appointmentNo purchase required to enroll

Yoga Free


C/S Summer Fit Camp $135Purchase required to enroll

Open to all fitness levels, our Summer Fit Camp combines strength, cardio, flexibility, core, and encouragement to help you reach past your fitness goals.